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Being a Good Neighbor in Graymoor-Devondale - Things You Need To Know

Speed Limit
The posted speed limit for all city streets is 25 mph.

Additionally, when traveling along Westport Road you should remember, the center lane is for turns only. The Graymoor-Devondale Police Department will issue citations to drivers that use the center lane inappropriately.

Parking (on and off street)
It is illegal to park a vehicle on any street within Graymoor-Devondale is excess of four (4) hours. Vehicles can only be parked on paved, graveled or similar hard surfaces. Vehicles should remain on the pavement. Tires should not be parked on the grass along any street.
It is illegal to park, store or maintain any disabled vehicle, boat trailer, camper, recreational vehicle, mobile home, bus or motor truck > 1.5 ton load capacity on any public or private property in a residential area unless the vehicle is behind the front wall of the residence on a hard durable surface.

Home Improvements
Contact the City Clerk at  ( or call the City Office before starting any exterior home improvement project. It is the resident’s responsibility to confirm if permits or variances are required from Graymoor-Devondale.

Examples of projects that require a permit include home additions, sheds, garages, and fences. Failure to obtain the required permit may delay, alter, or stop your project until the required permit is received from the Graymoor-Devondale Code Enforcement Officer.

Pet Nuisances
Residents are expected to be respectful of our City and other residents and should ensure their pet is a welcomed member of our community. When walking their (leashed) dogs, residents are expected to carry bags and remove any waste left by their dog.

Cats are not allowed to roam into other residents’ yards. Cat owners should keep their cat on a leash or on the owner’s property. In 2013, the City Council received more complaints about cat owners allowing their cats to roam than any other type of complaint.

Pet nuisance issues are not addressed by the Graymoor-Devondale Police Department or governed by Graymoor-Devondale Ordinances.

Pet nuisance issues are addressed only by calling Metro Animal Control at 502-363-6609. Metro Animal Control’s actions are usually to pick up and remove the pet. The pet’s owner is then required to pick up their pet and pay all fees due Metro Animal Control.

Graymoor-Devondale, by ordinance, addresses certain nuisances such as tall grass and weeds, accumulation of rubbish, trees or shrubbery that obstruct streets, sidewalks or drainage, keeping of animals and junk (scrap metal and cars).

Residents are responsible for maintaining the appearance of their home and yard. Failure to do so may result in citations and fines issued by the Graymoor-Devondale Police Department.

Yard Waste
Yard waste must be in open containers or paper bags. Limbs or branches should be tied in manageable bundles no longer than three (3) feet and placed at the curb the night before your scheduled Waste Management System pick-up day. Unbundled items will not be picked up.

Trash Containers
Trash containers should be placed at the curb after 6:00 PM on the day before the Waste Management System’s pick-up day.

Residents are expected to remove and properly store trash containers from the curb no later than 5:00 PM the day after pick-up.

In-Home Businesses
Our City has placed limitations on home-based businesses in residential dwellings; no merchandise for retail sale, no more than 10% of the living space in a home can be used for a business, customers must park on the driveway of the home, no outside or visible to the exterior advertising is allowed.

No Soliciting
Commercial solicitation is by permit only. This includes door to door and passing out flyers. For your safety, please do not allow any Commercial Solicitor into your home until you have verified they have our City’s required permit. If a resident suspects a Commercial Solicitor does not have the required permit, please call the Graymoor-Devondale Police Department.

Residents are encouraged to ask Commercial Solicitors to contact Graymoor-Devondale’s City Clerk to request the required permit. Please note, permits issued by any other city or agency do not meet Graymoor-Devondale’s permit requirements.

Advertising on residential property is prohibited.

Contractors and vendors are not allowed to post signs in our city. Should a plumber, painter or window company work at your home, they are not allowed to leave signage in your yard.

Advertising on city easements and residential property is prohibited. The Graymoor-Devondale Police Department may issue citations and fines to those that violate this ordinance.

Homestead Exemption
Property owners who are 65 or older are eligible to receive the Homestead Exemption on their primary residence. If you are eligible, the exemption amount is subtracted from your property’s assessed value, reducing your property tax liability. Only one exemption is allowed per household. The Homestead Exemption applies to your Jefferson County and Graymoor-Devondale tax liability. For information, contact the Jefferson County PVA Homestead Department at 574-6380.